Big Data

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” (William Edwards Demming, statistical and diffuser of the concept of total quality)

The data is there: the challenge is to collect and organize it to obtain value. It is a task that our tool Legato performs quickly, safely and effectively.


Machine Learning

Profitability and flexibility for the business model and the production line.

Today no one doubts the value that data can provide. Legato is the engine with which we accelerate all the tasks to achieve it.


Artificial Intelligence

"Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to reproduce the processes of human intelligence." (John McCarthy, American scientist, 1956).

Legato offers the possibility of generating intelligence with very diverse applications but, as always, feeding on large amounts of data and with the aim of improving your results.



You are the priority and the center of all our projects.

Who challenges us and from whom we receive most of the information we work with and the reasons and goals for which we do it.

Whatever your activity, if you generate data, or we can take it from public and reliable sources, we can help for this to become a part of your asset as a strategic resource.

Shall we start?



Is a great company due to the quality of knowledge and talent that it brings together.

We are experts in drawing the meaning of your data to facilitate your understanding and anticipate future scenarios.

Our competitive advantage is called    , a powerful engine that we have developed combining big data technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, capable of rapidly drawing large amounts of data in very intuitive formats and reports for simple reading and interpretation.

Our structure allows us to work closely, dynamically and collaboratively. You always occupy the center of our projects.



It is a powerful engine for deep analysis, exploitation and elaboration of predictions that feed data to transform it into knowledge.

Combining big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we have managed to automate the real-time reporting of industrial manufacturing processes, and market behaviour, but also predict the future in these two areas.

In musical language, is the sign that joins several notes in sheet music, indicating that they must be interpreted in a row, without interruption, forming a continuum.

It is the name that we have chosen to call the versatile and agile tool that we have created and with which we give quick solution to complex technological challenges.

It manages to build harmonised music from a collection of disorganised notes which represent the data that companies and industrial plants collect and store in an intensive way.

Once they are well-ordered, legato "draws" them in a simple and intuitive way, so that a look at the sheet music, represented by a personalised dashboard, offers a great amount of new information and allows to deepen knowledge that remained hidden in the initial scenario of overwhelming data.

But the mission of     goes further


When we already know in depth our past and have the ability to edit simple reports providing us valuable information about the present, at a glance and in real time,   allows us to build our future through Artificial Intelligence.

Using this technology, is able to anticipate behaviours and determine what will be the combination of chords that we must apply to obtain the best and most efficient results in industrial processes and business management.




"Use of Legato to apply Machine Learning techniques in the construction of a predictive model for the manufacture of MDF boards".

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"Development of a software tool to provide Commercial Intelligence to a worldwide silicon producer and marketer."

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Ártabro Tech grows with its clients, with those who have introduced in their strategy the challenge of transforming their data into knowledge, not as a punctual opportunity, but as an element that will permanently accompany them in their growth.